Tigrox Livetal 台湾牛樟芝

Tigrox Livetal 台湾牛樟芝


Tigrox Livetal is a supplement that helps in improving liver function. It increases metabolism, reduce hangovers, protects liver cells and prevent liver diseases.

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TIGROX LIVETAL 牛樟芝护肝饮 20 Sachets/box


  • ✅肝脏保养,平衡肝指数 Liver maintenance, balance liver index
  • ✅增加代谢,快速代谢酒精,减少宿醉 Increase metabolism, quickly metabolize alcohol, reduce hangovers
  • ✅提高睡眠质量,减轻疲劳 Improve sleep quality and reduce fatigue
  • ✅保护肝细胞,预防肝疾病 Protect liver cells and prevent liver diseases
  • ✅改善脂肪肝 Improve fatty liver
服用方法:一天一包。Take 1 sachet daily

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