Tigrox Imuglo 接骨木莓

Tigrox Imuglo 接骨木莓


The immune system is the body’s defense system for resistance, viruses, bacteria, and parasites. When the human body’s immunity is insufficient, we face these problems: frequent illness, indigestion, malnutrition, skin sensitivity, easy inflammation, wounds need a long time to heal, and so on. Wellous understands that a decline in immunity is a health dilemma that many modern people are facing, so it specially developed Imuglo!

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成人免疫力救星 Imuglo 20 sachets/pack
  • ✅ ElderCraft®️欧洲接骨木梅
  • ✅ Maritech®️褐藻糖胶
  • ✅ PureWay-C™️维生素C

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Tigrox Imuglo

1 Box RM240, 2 Box RM440, 3 Box RM600, 4 Box RM840, 5 Box RM1040, 6 Box RM1200


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