Tigrox Tiger Milk King 虎乳芝

Tigrox Tiger Milk King 虎乳芝


Tiger Milk King 每盒超大20包大袋污染的环境导致#打喷嚏#头痛#流感#鼻塞#鼻窦#咳嗽


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主要功效 (Functions): 

  • 改善鼻塞Improve nasal congestion
  • 流鼻涕和打喷嚏Runny nose & Sneezing
  • 增强体力和抵抗力Enhance physical strength and resistance 
  • 长期慢性支气管炎Prolonged chronic bronchitis
  • 提高呼吸敏感性Improve respiratory sensitivity
  • 烟民/二手烟民Smokers / second-hand smoker
  • 长期咳嗽(干咳或痰多)Long-term coughing (dry or with phlegm)
  儿童,老年人和素食者每天只需一包。方便易用。 Children, elderly & vegetarian Just 1 pack a day. Easy and convenient to consume.

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Tiger Milk King

1 Box RM240, 2 Box RM440, 3 Box RM600, 4 Box RM840, 5 Box RM1040, 6 Box RM1200


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