Gaba Oolong Tea Bag 佳葉龍茶包

Gaba Oolong Tea Bag 佳葉龍茶包


GABA tea is the tea that has undergone a special oxygen-free fermentation process, and as a result, has accumulated GABA in tea leaves.

Gaba tea it is so benefits:

  • Relieves stress and anxiety,
  • Deceases hypertension,
  • Increases mental alertness,
  • Promotes weight loss,
  • Improves sleep,
  • Lowers blood pressure, and many more

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  1. Tea Taste: The taste is strong of the bold taste.
  2. Brewing methodTake about 5g tea leaves into your teacup or pot, pour over hot water and wait for few minutes. Hot water – 85 C to 95C
  3. StorageAvoid high temperature and humid place
  4. ContentTea Bag 20 x 5g


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