MLEN no. 11 Caramel Sweetheart Style Lashes

MLEN no. 11 Caramel Sweetheart Style Lashes


MLEN uses patented technologies to create your soft magnetic eyelashes to make your eyes “shine bright light a diamond” in the easiest, most comfortable & most natural way. MLEN eyelashes is designed specifically to fit Asian women eye contour, making it very comfortable for our eyes. Our soft magnetic lashes are as thin as paper and as light as feather. Comfort. Light. Easy. Charming. We have it all.


Benefits of MLEN magnetic eyelashes:

  • Wear it in a second
  • imported antibacterial artificial mink eyelash
  • super light and soft with 0.04mm tip, weight 0.001oz only equals 0.028g
It adapts the Japanese flying arrangement. The primary velvet material PBT is very soft with 0.03-0.04mm eyelashes. It focuses on the makeup effect from the golden point and the outer corner of the eye. It has three-dimensional effect which improves the shortcomings of the eye, such as glassy eyes and flat facial features, and highlights the natural character. The super soft material makes the eyes beautiful in a comfortable way.
Suitable eye types: Except for goldfish eyes, it is 
especially suitable for round eyes. 

Matching style: Japanese sweet, mixed race girl, 
energetic girl, both fashion and leisure can be 

Scene: Date and shopping, girlfriend's party and 
self portrait. 

Length & Curl: 7-8-9-10-11-12 flying arrangement,
C degree of curling: medium warpage, flowering 
structure medium density.

Eyelash width: 27-28mm, inner and outer corner of 
eyelash can be trimmed by 1.5mm


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