LIVE ON 逆龄抗糖饮

LIVE ON 逆龄抗糖饮


LIVEON 100% 全天然成分,号称复活 DNA抗糖化、抗氧化、抗衰老 【圣品】。感恩 4大世界级专利成分极高抗糖化,抗氧化和抗炎100%天然成分和萃取方式大马卫生局列为食品级的保健品。

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功效 (Functions):
  1. 修复受损肌肤 Repair damaged skin
  2. 强化免疫系统 Strengthen the immune system
  3. 改善湿疹瘙痒 Improve eczema and itching
  4. 提高睡眠质量 Improve sleep quality
  5. 淡化黑斑细纹 Fades dark spots and fine lines
  6. 越饮用越年轻 The more you drink, the younger you are
  7. 保护关节骨骼 Protect joints and bones
  8. 延缓器官老化 Delay organ aging

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LIVEON 逆龄抗糖饮

1 Box RM250, 2 Box RM450, 3 Box RM600, 4 Box RM850, 5 Box RM1050, 6 Box RM1200


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