KidAone is a supplement for kids. It contain ColostrumOne, ElderCraft, and PUREWAY-C. It helps to enhance immunity, improve gastrointestinal functions, help in growth and development.

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KidAone 3️ 大主要成分:

  1. ColostrumOne 牛初乳
  2. ElderCraft 接骨木莓提取物
  3. PUREWAY-C 维生素C
功效 (Functions):
  • ✅提升免疫力/抵抗力 Enhance physical resistance/immunity
  • ✅减少宝宝生病 Reduce baby sickness
  • ✅补充足够营养,提升宝宝精神状态 Improve baby's mental state
  • ✅改善呼吸道 Enhance intestinal health
  • ✅增强肠道健康,改善腹泻 Prevent diarrhea
  • ✅帮组成长和发育 Help growth and development
服用方法 Method of consumption:
-1 day 2 tablets, can mix the tablets with water, milk or yogurt  

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