ISOduce 护宫花茶

ISOduce 护宫花茶


ISOduce 专注子宫和妹妹的健康,抑菌清洁,滋润养阴,养颜排毒,从根铲除你的性福障碍!


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服用方法: 早上起来空腹一包用普通温度水泡喝。经期无需服用。 Mix with warm water, consume 1 packet in the morning with empty stomach. Stop during menstrual period.
ISOduce 功效 (Functions): 
  1. 改善性冷感 Improve sexual coldness
  2. 消除子宫异味 Eliminate uterine odor
  3. 分泌物增多 Increased discharge
  4. 丰胸又缩阴 Breast enlargement and yin reduction
  5. 胸部结实 Strong chest
  6. 阴道紧窄 Tight vagina
  7. 白带异常,月经不调,痛经 Abnormal leucorrhea, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea
  8. 面容憔悴,身材走样 Haggard face, out of shape
  9. 改善阴道松弛老化、阴道松驰、收缩力差、无弹性问题 Improve vaginal relaxation, aging, vaginal relaxation, poor contractility, and inelasticity
  10. 延缓更年期 Delay menopause
  11. 帮助怀孕 Help pregnancy

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ISOduce 护宫花茶

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