IBling D-Vine 仙肌糖

IBling D-Vine 仙肌糖


IBLing DVINE仙肌糖 is a supplement that gives nourish to the skin. It helps in reducing inflammation, prevent melanocyte production and melanin synthesis, fight against photo aging, improve skin tone, prevent acne breakout.


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D-Vine 仙肌糖 富含有益皮肤的健康成分 contains:
  • ☑️(红石榴提取物) VIQUA
  • ☑️ (胶原蛋白三肽) COLLAGEN-TRIPEP20
  • ☑️(橄榄多酚) HYTOLIV
如果要改善, 一天吃4粒, 早餐后两粒, 晚餐后两粒, 喝开水吞掉

如果要保持, 一天吃2粒, 早餐后1粒, 晚餐后1粒, 喝开水吞掉
DVINE 功效 (Functions): 
  • 减轻发炎/舒适发炎 Reduce inflammation / comfort inflammation
  • 阻止黑色素细胞产生 Prevent melanocyte production
  • 防止黑色素合成 Prevent melanin synthesis
  • 对抗光老化 Fight against photo aging
  • 改善肤色 Improve skin tone
  • 防止发炎性暗疮和痘痘 Prevent inflammatory acne and acne
  • 减少暗疮痘痘产生 Reduce acne breakouts

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1 Bottle RM250, 2 Bottle RM410, 3 Bottle RM570, 4 Bottle RM820, 5 Bottle RM980, 6 Bottle RM1140


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