Frusso 果汁纤维代餐

Frusso 果汁纤维代餐


Frusso helps to improve constipation, maintain intestinal health, control body weight, control blood sugar, lower blood fat and lower cholesterol.

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每天餐前一包 1 Sachet a day before dinner.  

Frusso功效与效果 (Functions):

  • 加速排便改善便秘 Speed ​​up bowel movements to improve constipation
  • 助益生菌繁殖维护肠道健康 Help probiotics multiply and maintain intestinal health
  • 控制体重增加饱感,消耗体内脂肪,预防肥胖 Control weight to increase satiety, consume body fat and prevent obesity
  • 控制血糖防止血糖飙升,调节血糖 Control blood sugar to prevent blood sugar spikes and regulate blood sugar
  • 降低血脂降低胆固醇,预防心血管疾病 Lower blood fat, lower cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease

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Frusso 果汁纤维代餐

1 Box RM240, 3 Box RM480(Buy 2 Free 1)


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