Foldable & Reusable Shopping Bag

Foldable & Reusable Shopping Bag


Let’s do our part in reducing single-use plastics such as plastic bags.

These foldable, lightweight, and pretty shopping bags can be used for many many purposes.

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Grocery shopping- Pack it into your pocket or handbag 
before you go grocery shopping. These days, many 
supermarkets practice no-plastic bags or even 
rewarding their shopper for bringing their own 
shopping bags. 
Let's play our part. 

Carrier bag- Many uses such as takeaway bag, laundry

Just in case bag - Small pocket size when folded 
makes a good "just in case" bag when you need it 
for any occasion.
Eco Friendly and Save Money: Replace your paper and 
plastic bags with these cotton reusable bags

Material: Made off polyester oxford cloth, washable 
and reusable

Multi Style: There are a variety of styles, choose 
the one you like

Portability: The bags can be folded in a smaller 
size, easy to carry

Capacity: Large capacity can hold up to 15KG

Easy to wash, just rinse with soap and hang to dry.
Product information: Size: 38x58cm Material: Polyester

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Foldable & Reusable Shopping Bag

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