Atomy Vitamin C 550mg Powder

Atomy Vitamin C 550mg Powder


90 Packets

550 mg of Vitamin contains 5 types of Color Food at Once ! Atomy Color food Vitamin C provides the essential Vitamin C and 5 types of Color Food in mango flavor.

Vitamin C 550mg 及5种水果副原料一次满足您的需求,人体必须营养素之一。温和酸味中带有香甜芒果味。一天一条,与艾多美维他命C粉度过美好的一天。

  • All natural color energy
  • Protects your cell from harmful free radicals
  • Only 1 sachet per day
  • Vitamin C is consumed from fresh vegetable and fruits, but it's highly sensitive to heat and usually its destroyed when cooked
  • It is also highly water soluble which are excreted and lost via urine easily.
  • Who feels like they do not consumed enough fruits, and wanted an alternative supplement
  • Who has a high diet in meat or poultry
  • Who has difficulty keeping a regular diet schedule
  • Who wants a convenient yet delicious way to replenish their Vitamin C
  • 增加抵抗力 - 非常时期,除了要带上口罩和消毒液,VC也需要,给你不容易生病,减少感染的机率,伤风感冒远离你
  • 补充日常营养 - 小孩不爱吃水果,蔬菜,妈妈给他们吃这个,增加小孩的胃口
  •   美白淡斑 - 皮肤一天比一天白,健康一天比一天棒
艾多美Vitamin C的主要功效:-
  1. 提高免疫力
  2. 有美白功效
  3. 可以帮助铁的吸收
  4. 细胞可以被保护,预防各种疾病
  5. 有抗氧化作用- 减少黑色素,雀斑,黑斑 使皮肤白皙 (适合女士)
  6. 保护肝脏- 解毒
  7. 解除烟毒 (适合吸烟的人)
  8. 癌症防治
  9. 治疗糖尿病


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