Atomy Probiotics Plus

Atomy Probiotics Plus


Atomy Probiotics Plus 

1 box ( 60 sticks )

12 types of mixed Lactobacilli make your stomach happy, increases helpful Lactobacilli and help to improve gut health.



  • 消化道不健康的人
  • 腸道蠕動慢的人
  • 營養吸收差的(小孩子) 不爱吃飯
  • 免疫力差的小孩子腸道不好
  • 没有運動的人
  • 每天放屁的人
  • 口臭
  • 泌尿道發炎的人
Atomy Probiotics 10+
  • Probiotics restrain growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Atomy Probiotics 10+ Provides 12 different types of probiotics.
  • Food alone doesn't provide enough probiotics.
  • Just 1 does of Atomy Probiotics 10+ will provide 3 billion organisms needed in your system.
Probiotics benefit the body by:
  • Increasing helpful Lactobacilli
  • Improving bowel movement
  • Restraining growth of harmful bacteria
Who should take Probiotics?
  • People who want healthy intestinal health
  • People who experience irritable bowel movement
  • Children and youth to strengthen immune system
  • People with bad breath
  • People who want to maintain healthy lifestyle
  • People who have trouble digesting dairy products
  • People who experience indigestion due to lack of physical activities
  • People who suffer from constipation


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