Tigrox Tiger Milk King

Tigrox Tiger Milk King


Tigrox Tiger Milk Tiger 1 Box, 20 sachets.

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Tigrox Tiger Milk Tiger 1 Box, 20 sachets. Main ingredients: tiger milk mushroom, licorice, vitamin C, lime Main effects: relieve cough, protect lungs, relieve nasal allergies, nasal congestion, improve respiratory allergies, enhance resistance to viruses and self-protection Products that have passed certification and registered KKM Each contains tiger milk mushroom up to 50% polysaccharides, caffeic acid, coumaric acid Directions: 1 sachet a day, take it after meals in the morning 虎乳芝 1盒20包 主要成分:虎乳芝、甘草、维生素C、酸柑 主要功效:止咳嗽、护肺保肺、缓解鼻敏感、鼻塞、改善呼吸道过敏、增强抵抗病毒和自我保护能力 已通过认证和注册KKM的产品 每包含有虎乳芝高达50%的多糖、 咖啡酸、 香豆酸 服用方式:1天1包,早上饭后服用

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1 for 240, 2 for 440, 3 for 600, 6 for 1200


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