Spiro 1 Bottle, 60 capsules.

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Spiro 1 Bottle, 60 capsules. Main ingredients: spirulina, green algae, spinach Main effects: improve constipation, eliminate breath, help digestion, drain oil and fat, reduce edema, stomach acid and stomach bloating Products that have passed certification and registered KKM Each capsule contains 150 mg of spirulina, 125 mg of green algae, and 150 mg of spinach Directions: 2 capsules a day, take before going to bed 美国双藻糖 1罐60粒 主要成分:螺旋藻、绿藻、菠菜 主要功效:改善便秘、消除口气、帮助消化、排油消脂、消水肿、胃酸胃涨风 已通过认证和注册KKM的产品 每粒含有螺旋藻150毫克、绿藻125毫克、菠菜150毫克 服用方式:1天2粒,睡前服用

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1 for 180, 2 for 310, 3 for 440, 4 for 570, 5 for 700, 6 for 800


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