S-Glow 1 Bottle, 60 capsules.

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S-Glow 1 Bottle, 60 capsules. Main Ingredients: Lynside Forte B, Oryza Polyamine, Collagen, L-cysteine, Ascorbic Acid Main Effects: reduce hair loss, promote hair growth, enhance hair thickness and elasticity, and supplement hair nutrition Products that have passed certification and registered KKM Each capsule contains 300 mg of collagen Directions: 2 capsules a day, take on an empty stomach in the morning 护发糖 1罐60粒 主要成分:维生素B群、胶原蛋白、Oryza 多胺、维生素 C 主要功效:减少脱发、促进头发生长、增强头发厚度弹性、补充头发营养 已通过认证和注册KKM的产品 每粒含有300毫克的胶原蛋白 服用方式:1天2粒,早上空腹服用

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1 for 240, 2 for 390, 3 for 540, 4 for 780, 5 for 930, 6 for 1080


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