M-Coll 1 Bottle, 60 capsules.

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M-Coll 1 Bottle, 60 capsules. Main ingredients: strawberry, orange, oatmeal, grape, deep-sea fish gelatin Main function, fade spots, freckles, age spots, fade fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, whiten and beautify, prevent aging Products that have passed certification and registered KKM Each capsule contains 300 mg of collagen Directions: 2 capsules a day, take on an empty stomach in the morning 美颜糖 1罐60粒 主要成分:草莓、橙子、麦片、葡萄、深海鱼胶蛋白 主要功效:淡化色斑,雀斑,老人斑、淡化细纹,皱纹,黑眼圈、美白美颜、防止老化 已通过认证和注册KKM的产品 每粒含有300毫克胶原蛋白 服用方式:1天2粒,早上空腹服用

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1 for 180, 2 for 310, 3 for 440, 4 for 570, 5 for 700, 6 for 800


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