Frusso 1 Box, 20 sachets, 4 Tastes.

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Frusso 1 Box, 20 sachets, 4 Tastes. Flavors: lemon, passion fruit, peach, mango Main ingredients: corn water-soluble fiber, psyllium, inulin, fructose, hairy dextrin, palm fiber, cassia seed extract Main effects: Fibersol-2, psyllium husk, inulin, fructose, maltodextrin, palm fiber and cassia extract Products that have passed certification and registered KKM One contains extremely low calories, only 15-21Kcal Directions: 1 sachet a day, add 250ml of water and take it before dinner 果汁纤维代餐 1盒20包 4种口味 口味:柠檬、百香果、蜜桃、芒果 主要成分:玉米水溶性纤维、洋车前子、菊粉、果糖、毛呀糊精、棕榈纤维、决明子萃取物 主要功效:清肠通便、促进蠕动、健康瘦身、控制体重、增加饱腹感、口腔异味 已通过认证和注册KKM的产品 一包含有的热量极低,只有15-21Kcal 服用方式:1天1包,加入250ml水即可,晚餐前服用

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1 fro 230, Buy 2 Free 1 @ 460


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